About Us

We are a dedicated team of expert trainers and corporate professionals having decades of work experience. We create future Data Scientists through our passion and profession.

Mr. Abinash Adhikari - Lead Instructor
Md. Arshad Ahmad - Trainer and Consultant

Our Story

As the whole world is moving toward Digital Transfomation, GlobalStat Academy started providing Practical Machine Learning and Deep Learning training using R and Python for the Students and Corporate Professionals. This is a great opportunity for them to learn these niche areas in a lucid way, understand its practical applications, work in real life projects, explore complex data sets to gain deeper insights and make better decisions with better models. Also, these courses will make themselves interview ready to get a job in various companies. This will be a stepping stone to their career.

GlobalStat Academy provides both structured and customized training in various topics be it Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Statistics, Analytics, Data Science, Visualization, Big Data, Cloud Computing, DevOps and AIOps.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

We have a dedicated team of expert Trainers (serving various roles in MNCs or in large size companies/organizations). They teach being passionate. We are not money focused, we are driven by our passion .

Abinash Adhikari

Chief Data Scientist

Vamsi Krishna

Sr. Data Scientist

Priyanka Paul

Sr. Data Scientist

Rahul Chatterjee

Consultant Data Scientist

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What Our Students Have to Say

Level of effort Instructors put into the course were very good. Presentations were excellently well organized. To me, the theoretical part was most valuable.
Abhinandan Chakraborty
Kolkata, India
GlobalStat Academy has really good teachers and I was exposed to Python programming, along with many Machine Learning algorithms . I would definitely recommend others to join as well.
Amrit Hotta
Orissa, India
Lectures were highly effective and with proper demonstration with good real life examples. Trainers are highly capable of delivering quality contents and presentations.
Anirban Patra
Bangalore, India
Trainers are highly capable and have good depth and knowledge in the subject. They helped me learn the theory and the practicals effectively and now I can code in Python and build models.
Rudraksha Ganguly
Hyderabad, India